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In response to the SBS: Stop blaming white men for everything

Three days ago, an especially insidious article surfaced on the SBS website (read it here) that said, “the real terror threat isn’t young African men, it’s middle-aged white guys”.

The author, Andrew P Street, documents a series of ways in which white, “right-wing” men are more of a risk to the community than anyone else. At no point, however, does the article actually crunch any numbers to determine the frequency of crime and who might be perpetrating it.

Not that it matters. Violence is violence and none of it is acceptable, no matter the skin colour.

Each time a writer like Street decides to put forward an opinion, it almost entirely misses one crucial thing: regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or background, all criminals should be held accountable. The attempt to excuse crime at the hands of one group by systematically vilifying another has never helped anyone before. Crime rages on.

There is nothing logical in saying Caucasians commit more crime in a country where the dominant race is, well, Caucasian. That’s a no-brainer.

The rise of African gang violence in cities around Australia, particularly Melbourne, has gained traction in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, the left-wing media has made it their task to stop any resentful, racist opinions arising from the public.

However, fighting racism with racism is not the way to improve racial tensions or concerns about criminal groups.

The fact remains that African youth are over-represented in crime statistics. Though Africans in Australia represent 0.14 per cent of the population, in 2016, 7.5 per cent of home invasions and 14 per cent of aggravated robberies were committed by African youth — a number that has doubled since 2015.

Between 2012 to 2015, car thefts by the ethnic group has increased by 900 per cent, according to data from the Victoria Crime Statistics Agency.

On the other hand, car thefts perpetrated by Australian-born youths decreased by 5 per cent from 2015 to 2016.

Writers like Street say that crime in Australia is decreasing — and overall, it is. However, particular areas such as sexual offences, robbery, deception and dangerous or negligent acts endangering people, have each increased by between 8.5 to 18 per cent since 2016.

I will add that these statistics are part of a small number that are accessible to the public. As a result of political correctness, many other relevant statistical trends relating to ethnicity and crime are deliberately not released.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said himself that the police and other institutions redact, change and withhold information pertaining to ethnicity in crime reports.

Dutton has also commented that immigrant background checks are clearly insufficient and the Immigration Department does not know the nature of individuals being let into the country.

As long as that is the case, then it is concerning that of the top 6 wealthiest countries, Australia takes the largest portion of immigrants per capita.

So, what is so important about left-wing writers attempting to shield immigrants and paint a picture of violent, white men?

The first is that it drives an ugly, divisive narrative. The suggestion that somehow being white extends criminals particular privileges not experienced by other races is erroneous. So, too, is the idea that white criminals are treated with a sense of benevolence.

Suggesting that white criminals are routinely “right wing” insinuates that the right is inherently violent — something that creates further social divide and automatically makes an enemy out of conservatives.

The truth is that nobody makes an attempt to protect white offenders from racial bias — which is probably why the SBS can get away with publishing racist articles that say white men are dangerous. The vilification seems to be an attempt at evening the playing field, an attempt to protect immigrants from public scorn.

In truth, the weekly car-jackings, break-ins and theft committed in Melbourne city doesn’t leave citizens feeling safe — I can say with some sense of certainty that victims aren’t awful concerned about the colour of the person breaking into their home. Really, no amount of unfounded, white vilification is going to diminish the genuine concern every-day people have for their well-being.

Institutions such as the police force and ASIO omit information pertaining to crimes that directly involve anyone who is not white. It stands to reason that in an effort to dissuade the population from negative feelings towards immigrants and non-Caucasians, white criminals seem to be one of the only groups consistently labelled and identified by skin colour. And the main difference is that, unlike minorities, whites accused of crimes have no special interest groups working to protect them.

Street says that white men from white supremacist groups are treated with amusement, rather than the would-be terrorists they are. He says that had those groups been comprised of Muslims or Sundanese teenagers, “they’d already be in detention”.

However, repeatedly, individuals found to have committed terrorist attacks were almost always “known” to police, but were either never apprehended, or apprehended and let go. When anti-terrorist task forces have made arrests, these individuals have usually planned a terrorist act or stand as a serious public threat.

It is not unlikely that criminals of immigrant origin sometimes slip through the cracks as police as hesitant to appear “racist” by making arrests. This has been seen a lot in the United Kingdom — the case of Rotherham’s child sex rings comes to mind.

Street, however, tries to correlate terrorism with the example of two “right wing extremists”. Both men were caught by police and their plans to commit murder were stopped. If you ask me — that seems like the police are stopping white criminals, eh, Street?

Trying to justify non-Caucasian-perpetrated violence with Caucasian-perpetrated violence, as Street and the left-wing media consistently tries to do, drives home that there is little concern for keeping our communities safe. It is about vilifying Caucasians in the name of protecting other ethnicities.

It is rare to see groups enacting violence in the name of white supremacy. Street’s article suggests these kinds of politically motivated attacks happen in frequency, when, in reality, there is plainly no statistical evidence to back that up.

As the media consistently conflates white supremacy with nationalism/patriotism, it’s even more difficult to distinguish violence perpetrated by white supremacist groups.

When the media has any inclination that a criminal has nationalistic views, suddenly, they are labelled a white supremacist with, often, no tangible proof.

The idea of nationalism has nothing to do with race. It is the belief that nations should retain their individual sovereignty and answer to the will of the people first. To assume all nationalists are racists or white supremacists is ignorant. Simply, nationalism is not synonymous with racism — but it does run counter to the open borders agenda that is so vehemently pushed by much of the left.

But what should worry the average citizen more is that we are unable to access the truth and our government institutions don’t have our best interests at heart. It seems that they are more concerned with appeasing minority groups than looking after Australian citizens.

For someone like Street, it is easy to suggest that African violence pales in comparison to Caucasian crimes. Though, in this article, the examples he gives are for crimes that are planned and not yet carried out. Real compelling stuff, Andrew.

Speaking about ring-wing violence as if it is a legitimate occurrence overlooks that crime is perpetrated from all angles.

Street says we are heading in a similar direction to the US. And, I think we are. After all, America brought us notoriously violent left-wing hate groups such as Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and other anarchist groups, who have, coincidentally, begun some of the most violent protests and events in the country.

I suppose they sprouted up all in the name of tolerance.

Note: Street’s important statistic data at the end of his article came from the Huffington Post — a REAL reputable source.

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