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Boston Children’s Hospital doles out insane advice to ‘trans kids’

It’s 2022, and that means children’s hospitals are now providing resources to adolescents who are

confused about their gender.

Specifically, Boston Children’s Hospital is doling out advice on a variety of topics under the banner of “Gender Services”. Included in a page/directory of links is advice for boys in regards to “safer tucking” and techniques to compress breast tissue called “safer binding” for girls.

Alongside a photo of a “trans-woman” is a list of advice and “comfort tips” such as:

  • “Trimming/shaving generally helps with tucking

  • Use a sharp razor and shaving cream or soap to avoid irritation.

  • It’s not possible to urinate while taped, so use the bathroom before you tape

  • Remaining taped for longer than 4–8 hours causes irritation, discomfort, and possible pain while urinating. Try not to tuck 24/7. Take breaks if you can.”

An attempt at medical graphics is listed on the second page with a definition of tucking and description of why it is done, which states, “tucking can help relieve gender dysphoria or make you feel better about your body”.

Under “comfort tips” for binding, the document appears to inherently understand the practice is

dangerous and stresses the possibility of injury:

“Binders are already designed to be tight. Getting one even smaller causes injury and discomfort... Binding while you sleep can further crush chest tissue and restrict breathing. Try to only wear it 8–12

hours at a time... Binders offer even more compression than the above methods. Many are designed for people recovering from breast tissue surgery, but today there are companies who design specifically for transmasculine/non-binary folks.”

The children’s hospital also links to Planned Parenthood resources under their links for “gender-

affirming hormone therapy”. The dystopian page showcases a range of stories from multiple

transgender patients as well asking readers to join their race-based, transgender “patient advisory


“We're looking for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) identifying trans women and other patients who are receiving estrogen therapy at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts to join our quarterly patient advisory council with other trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive patients of color.”

Not to be discounted, also linked is a “Transgender ID” project through GLAD which seeks to assist trans-people in changing their legal name and gender on federal and state documents.

Don't you just love societal progress?

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Aug 20, 2022

Should we survive (and at this point that's questionable) humanity in the future will look back on this time and refer to it accurately as "The Crazy Years".


Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner
Aug 20, 2022

Love it? In the way that I love hospitals promoting all seriously disturbing mental illnesses, sure 🤣

Maybe I'm just old, but I recall a tone when doctors tried to CURE mental illnesses. Now they spread them like the clap!

Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner
Aug 20, 2022
Replying to

"...I recall a TIME when..."

Fucking spellcheck 🤦🏻

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