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Hi, I'm Sydney.
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I’m Sydney – an Australian political commentator and journalist.

It was during my Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne that I started to notice there was an issue in the way the media was operating. Of course, I’d seen it before in other areas of life, but learning about it from Australian journalists in the field - well, it was clear to me that something needed to change.

In 2018, I started publishing my ideas publicly. I created video content about social issues and noticed people felt similar to me. By June of 2018, I was a weekly guest contributor on Sky News Australia.

After a year of operating in the political media space, I decided to move to the United States. Given the broader population and the strong emphasis on freedom, America was a great place to continue what I'd already started. Initially living in D.C., I was able to see the workings of the nation's capitol and media hub. I was afforded the opportunity to appear on One American News, America Tonight and America First, as well as contributing to Human Events and The Post Millennial.

Now, I am a proud Texan transplant. Since moving to (arguably) one of the best states in the country, I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to producing more content about topics that rarely get a look in.

In the three years I've lived and worked in the political space, people have often asked why I do what I do. Overall, I think the answer is simple -

We are living in a time of intense social change. Not only when it comes to media coverage, but in our politicians, our education system and our society. Conservative values are being traded every day for increasingly liberal ideals that don't enhance society, but rather, hinder it. If nothing else, I want to uphold traditional, conservative values and ideas. I want to lift up and encourage others to fight for their freedoms and values. And, of course, give the Left a run for its money.

Because, really, if we can’t have discourse, freedom of speech and freedom of the press, what else do we have?


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